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Computer repairs and IT support in Norwich
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Home Visit

I can visit you in your home to resolve any problems or difficulties you may be having with your computers and home network. I can also help with your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry phone or tablet, or indeed pretty much any other high-tech gadgets you may be struggling with.

For Example:

  • Resolving software and / or hardware problems - from minor irritations to complete system crashes.
  • Installing additional memory, hard discs, peripherals etc.
  • Configuring or extending your wired or wireless network including wireless network security checkups.
  • Sharing your printer(s) and / or data across your network.
  • Migrating your data from an old computer to a new one including documents, photos, emails etc.
  • Helping you get to grips with your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone or tablet, including setting up your email etc.
  • One to one training in Windows, word processing, spreadsheets, photo editing etc.
  • Pretty much anything else you can think of related to your computer!

All repair and problem resolution work is carried out on a "no fix - no fee" basis.

The cost(*) of this service is £35-00 for the first hour in your home, and £25-00 for each additional hour. (minimum charge £35-00).
Note that most problems are resolved within the first hour.

System Health Check

Many people find that over time their system just doesn’t seem to perform as well as it used to. Even if your system appears to be running correctly, you may just like it to have a check over from time to time to ensure all is well.

This is the purpose of the System Health Check which includes checking and resolving:

  • Overall system performance issues
  • Security issues (e.g. firewall and antivirus setting etc.)
  • Removing unwanted or redundant software (including software that may have installed itself without you realising it !)
  • Disabling unwanted browser plug-ins
  • Windows Updates and Security Patches
  • Device driver problems
  • Anti-virus and Malware scans

At the end of the health check you get a three page report detailing everything that has been done to your computer, plus a machine that usually performs more smoothly. At the very least, you get the knowledge that your computer was already in perfect shape ! 

The cost(*) of this service is £35-00 per computer.

New System Installation

If you would like help getting a new computer set-up, I offer a full installation service. The basic installation and set-up includes everything from unpacking the computer and setting it up to connecting to your home network, setting up your internet access and email account, connecting printers, scanners etc. and giving you a brief hands-on session to familiarise you with your new machine.

If you already have another computer, if required I can also transfer your documents, photos, music, emails etc. across from the existing system.

The Installation Service is charged on a time basis, but with a fixed upper limit on cost.

The cost(*) is £35-00 for the first hour, plus £25-00 for each hour thereafter, however these costs are limited as follows:

  • Installation and set-up – maximum cost £75-00
  • Installation, set-up and data transfer – maximum cost £100-00

Finally, if you have already had a go at setting things up but got in a muddle, don’t be afraid to give me a call. I’m happy to come and sort things out and finish off the job for you !